Holy Land Pilgrimage

11 Day Life Changing Journey to the Holy Land from Detroit, MI (DTW) – April 01 – 11 2024 – With Fr. Bill Vander Werff. Enter into the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ like never before by traveling to the Holy Land during the 2024 Easter Season. Fr. Bill will be teaming up with Good Shepherd Travel to make this opportunity a reality for those in the St. Mary’s community and beyond. From the Sea of Galilee to Mount Zion, this will be a beautiful and eye-opening experience for all who attend.  

Nazareth /Cana of Galilee/ Mount Tabor & † Mass at Annunciation Church

Golan Heights/Sea of Galilee † Mass at Capernaum

Haifa/ Mount Carmel/ Jaffa/Bethlehem† Mass at Stella Marris

Shepherd’s Field/ Bethlehem † Mass at Bethlehem Basilica

Bethany / Dead Sea/ Qumran/ Jericho † Mass at Bethany Church

Mt. Olives/ Mt Zion † Mass at Dominus Flevit

Old City of Jerusalem † Mass in the Old City

Ein Karem † Mass in Ein Karem