What is SCRIP

SCRIP is a program where you buy gift cards or certificates to pay for your purchases – food, gas, clothing, office supplies, gifts, etc.

It involves planning future purchases and buying gift cards to pay for them. The benefit, in return, is given to St. Mary’s Parish or a St. Mary’s School family, whichever you choose. 

For example, Panera Bread offers a 9% rebate. If you purchase a $25.00 Panera Bread gift card to either use yourself on a future purchase or give it as a gift, the total rebate earned is $2.25 on just that purchase alone. There are hundreds of vendors to choose from. Each vendor has chosen their percentages to offer. Some frequently give bonuses – adding a percentage or two for a given time. 


If you want to use the Scrip program, please get in touch with Jeff Plyler at Muskegon Catholic Central to sign up through their school. Jeff’s email address is

• Muskegon Catholic Central sells scrip through online orders only, so you must pay via Presto Pay or credit card.

• If you order physical cards, you could have the option to ship directly to your home (the app will tell you if this is an option) or have them sent to Muskegon Catholic Central, and you would need to arrange to pick up your cards.

• E-cards and Re-loadable cards are available

• Scrip credits are processed once per year (usually in May)–and a check would be sent here to St. Mary’s to apply to your tuition.