To make funeral arrangements at St. Mary’s Parish, please contact parish secretary Mary Reck at (616) 842-1702.

Funerals generally may be celebrated every day of the week except Sunday.

Funeral luncheons: St. Mary’s has a very active and generous funeral luncheon ministry which offers to provide a meal following the funeral liturgy, should the family desire it. We ask that the family only cover the cost of the meat, cheese and bread; the luncheon committee provides the rest. We also ask that the family try to provide us with a rough estimate of the expected number of attendees so that we can plan accordingly. 

A note regarding cremation: The Catholic Church allows for cremation provided that the remains of the deceased be buried or interred in a cemetery mausoleum. This is so that the family, friends, and even acquaintances of the deceased be able to visit the gravesite to pray for the one who has died.  It is not acceptable to scatter the ashes of a loved one or permanently keep them at home. The body of the deceased should always be treated with respect whether it is whole or cremated.