All baptized Catholics who are not subject to a declared penalty have the right to a Christian funeral celebration! If your loved one has died, please contact the parish office at (616) 842-1702 to make arrangements for the funeral. Often times the arrangements are made by the funeral home.

Funerals are generally celebrated every day of the week except Sunday. Normally this is done in the context of the Mass, unless the funeral falls on a day in the Church calendar which does not permit this to be done.

St. Mary’s has a very active and generous funeral lunch ministry which seeks to provide a meal after each funeral that is celebrated at St. Mary’s. We ask that you try to provide us with a ball park figure regarding the number of attendees who are expected so that we can plan accordingly.

A note regarding cremation: The Catholic Church allows for a person’s body to be cremated, but it is preferred that this take place after the funeral liturgy is celebrated. However, cremation may take place before the funeral and the liturgy can be celebrated in the presence of the cremated remains. Whichever option is chosen, the remains must be buried or interred in a mausoleum or columbarium. It is NEVER acceptable to scatter the ashes of a loved one. The body should be treated with respect whether it is whole or cremated.

Funeral Liturgy Fees

  • Church: $150
  • Pianist: $125
  • Cantor: $125
  • Father: optional $100
  • Deacon: gift of choice, recommend $100
  • Servers, sacristans, etc. $25/volunteer
  • Luncheon: family pays for meat and bread
  • Please note: If the family cannot afford to pay these fees, they can be waived.·   
  • Special Musicians: If a guest Cantor, Soloist, or Musician is requested, the family of the deceased assumes the responsibility of contacting them, engaging them and paying their stipend. Those engaged must agree to work under the direction of the Parish Music Director.

Luncheon: St. Mary’s has a very active and generous funeral lunch ministry which offers to provide a meal after the funeral if requested. We ask that you try to provide us with a rough estimate of the number of attendees expected so that we can plan accordingly.  We ask that the family only cover the cost of the meat and bread; everything else is donated by parishioners.