Based On the Gospel of Life, Walking with Moms in Need, Moms Room, is a parish ministry initiative to better serve pregnant and parenting mothers experiencing difficulties, in the Tri-Cities Area of Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg and surrounding areas. We support them with relationships, dignity, community and love.

The Moms Room connects with Moms when they are facing economic and social setbacks in their life to find resources that are available to them in the area. The Moms Room provides essential material needs when possible.

If you know someone feeling isolated and vulnerable due to unusual circumstances – Let’s Talk.

Serving Moms in Need

Please prayerfully consider participating in or helping the Walking With Moms in Need ministry for more information, Click on the button below or contact the following individuals;

421 E Exchange, Door 1

Thursdays, 9:30am to 4pm

616-842-1702 ext. 123

Walking With Moms email walkingwithmoms@stmarysl.org