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Inspired by Saint Mary and rooted in our Catholic faith, St. Mary’s School fosters spiritual development, ​academic excellence, responsibility to self, and service to others in order that the Gospel of Christ may be known in the world.


St. Mary’s School strives to be a school of excellence with a strong focus on its Catholic identity, academic distinction, and superior teaching. Students will have an appreciation and desire to continue to explore the beauty of the ongoing revelation of God through daily encounters. The school community aspires to form lifelong disciples by providing opportunities to grow in love, knowledge, patience, wisdom, and understanding of God. We aim to reflect the divine and become beacons of Christ’s light through witness in word and deed and inspire others to do the same.


St. Mary’s School is fully accredited through the Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools Accrediting Agency (MNSAA). St. Mary’s was last accredited in April 2022.The school is required to repeat the accreditation process every five years.


St. Mary’s School uses the curriculum prescribed by the Diocese of Grand Rapids which upholds the values, morals and teachings of the Catholic Church and defines the academic outcomes expected of our students.

Curriculum standards can be found at https://catholicschools4u.org/curriculumstandards.


The school theme for the 2023-2024 academic year at St. Mary’s School is inspired by Saint John Paul II:  “Life with Christ is A Wonderful Adventure.”
Each year, the staff selects a theme rooted in the teachings of a saint or scripture, weaving its message into their curriculum and instruction.

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