Commited to Honoring and Motivating Parents and Students

St. Mary’s CHAMPS (Committed to Honoring And Motivating Parents and Students) seeks to continue the great contributions of this partnership while building a structure that connects parents and guardians, staff, students and administration in a positive way. 

The objectives of the St. Mary’s School CHAMPS are:

  • To advance the development of the child spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually in the school through the coordinated efforts of parents, staff, and students.
  • To bring into closer relationships through good communication and well-planned programs the home and the school, including parents and guardians, students, staff and administrators.
  • To promote an interest in educational matters and an understanding of the mutual responsibilities of the parents and teachers in education.
  • To coordinate fundraising efforts and events and work with the school community of parents and guardians, students, staff and administrators.
  • To provide financial aid and assistance for special projects, the school, and its students.
  • To encourage high standards of Catholic family living.

CHAMPS  is organized and staffed by parents of St. Mary’s School students and provides a variety of services to and for the school. CHAMPS  meets monthly to plan and fund various educational and social activities during the school year, enriching the educational experience at St. Mary’s School. In addition to providing funding for equipment and services, CHAMPS contribute to the sense of community within St. Mary’s School by providing hospitality related services throughout the year.  CHAMPS meeting dates and events are noted in weekly newsletters. To foster open communication and full participation in school events for all families, parent attendance is strongly encouraged.

2023-2024 CHAMPS Board PositionName
PresidentKatie Petersen
Vice PresidentJaylin Wilbur
SecretaryAndrea Butler
TreasurerAudrey Pelz
Fundraising Projects ManagerMary Blaicher
External Social Projects ManagerKendra Musselman
Inernal Motivation Projects ManagerAnna Dudas
Head D.O.G.S.Josh Pressey
Communications ManagerChelsea Weinberg