Volunteer and Employment Opportunities

We encourage parents/guardians and other family members to be a part of the learning process at school through volunteering in the classroom or at the various activities throughout the year. Parents and school staff create a partnership to benefit our children. Anyone who works with our school children is asked to respect them, to maintain open communication with the school and to respect the confidentiality and privacy of students.  Employment opportunities will be posted only if there is a current need. Thank you.


M-F, 3- 6 pm. Must be 18+
This position could be shared between people, or more hours are available  if willing to help with lunch duty or be a substitute teacher.
Contact: rmouradian@slstm.org or schooloffice@slstm.org

Contact: 616-842-1282 or schooloffice@slstm.org


We ask that you sign in at the office to receive a “visitor pass” when you come to volunteer. All volunteers MUST be VIRTUS trained. Please contact Mary Peel in the school office for VIRTUS questions.