Preschool Programs

Preschool 3s, 4s, Preschool Plus, and Kindergarten Prep


We believe that children learn best through hands-on learning experiences. We support the children in all areas of their development: social and emotional, academic, physical, and spiritual. Our goal is to foster curiosity and a love of learning.

St. Mary’s School has the unique opportunity to focus on all these areas including the spiritual domain:

  • The Diocese of Grand Rapids Early Childhood Theology Standards – A focus on teaching prayers and the Sign of the Cross; Bible stories; and God’s love of all creation.
  • Creative Curriculum – The Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that encompasses all areas of development, including social/emotional, large and small motor, cognitive, literacy, math, and creative arts. The curriculum uses a long-term study approach focusing on a broad topic, such as trees, and investigating focus questions.
  • Kindermusik
  • Zoo Phonics – Zoo Phonics is a literacy program incorporating movements and animals to teach letter names and sounds.
  • Friendzy (SEL)
  • Education In Virtue – Education in Virtue is a program used in K – 8 to teach the Virtues of Christ; in preschool, we focus on monthly virtues such as kindness, patience, and self-control.
  • Lego FIRST Discovery – The Lego FIRST Discovery Program is a STEM curriculum in our Preschool Plus Program. 

Classroom Environment

  • Learning centers designed to ensure adequate space for play based learning
  • Self contained classroom with bathroom located within the room
  • Team Room available for small group and individualized instruction
  • Smart Board Technology

Preschool Plus and Preschool Class teachers regularly meet to plan coordinated lessons and activities. We will find the right fit for your child. We can be flexible to meet you and your family where you are.

Preschool Classes

3 Year Old Class

3-Year-Old Preschool

An introduction to school, separating from family, learning to share, taking turns, and participating in a classroom.

Tuesday and Thursday

8:35 am – 11:30 am

4 Year Old Class

4-Year-Old Preschool

This is a time building independence and working on academic skills for kindergarten–letters, numbers, counting, and shaping.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

8:35 am  – 11:30 am

Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten Prep

includes older 4’s and young 5’s
Offering 5 ½ days focusing on kindergarten readiness.

Monday – Friday

12:40 pm – 3:35 pm

Preschool Plus

Preschool Plus
Looking for something more? Preschool Plus is a multiage preschool enrichment program for families that are looking for a full time preschool experience. By adding Preschool Plus to your 3 or 4 year old preschool experience, your child can attend school 5 mornings a week. When added to the Kprep class, Preschool Plus offers 5 full days of learning for our students preparing for kindergarten. In this multi age learning environment students will explore hands-on learning experiences focusing on all areas of development: social/emotional, cognitive, physical, literacy, math, science, the arts, and religion.

Preschool Plus is available Monday through Friday 8:35 am – 12:30 pm.

Students can then either join the afternoon Kindergarten Prep Class, go home, or enter childcare.

Additional Programs

Extension Program/Childcare
Hot Lunch “Preschool Lunch Club”