Elevating Body, Mind, and Spirit: 
At St. Mary’s, we believe in the power of a well-rounded education that nurtures not only the mind and spirit but also the body. We recognize that athletics and physical fitness play a pivotal role in developing confident, disciplined, and compassionate individuals. Our commitment to fostering Catholic values is woven into our athletic programs, creating an environment where sportsmanship and teamwork thrive. Lessons in sportsmanship go hand in hand with our Catholic curriculum, nurturing worth ethic, kindness, and fairness both on and off the field.

Athletic Opportunities
From the earliest grades to our upper levels, every student at St. Mary’s has the opportunity to experience the joy of athletic participation. Each winter, we typically field 5th/6th and 7th/8th St. Mary’s Cyclones basketball teams for our students and parishioners. In addition, we collaborate with Spring Lake Schools and the Grand Rapids Area Catholic Education Athletic Council (GRACEAC) to provide a diverse selection of opportunities in other sports. Offerings include:

Football – Sideline and Competite Cheer – Volleyball – Soccer – Cross Country – Basketball – Wrestling – Baseball – Soccer – Tennis – Track and Field – Lacrosse

Attention Cyclone Parents,

St. Mary’s School is gearing up for our winter basketball seasons and have some important information regarding registration, volunteer opportunities and more.

Our “Winter 1” basketball seasons will begin practice in mid-October with games going until Christmas break. Here are the details for each group of students eligible to play during this season:

  1. 3rd-4th Grade Boys Basketball:
    This is a new opportunity offered through the Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council (GRACEAC), which St. Mary’s recently joined. While we do not anticipate being able to offer our own school team at this age level this year, our students are eligible to play and would be placed on teams offered by other area Catholic schools (most likely Holy Spirit) and would practice at those school locations.

    Registration Site:
    Applicable Fee: $125 payable to school office

  2.  5th-6th Grade Boys Basketball:
    This is a St. Mary’s Cyclones team coached by Pete Baerman. Practices and home games will be at St. Mary’s, while away games will be at other GRACEAC schools.

    Registration Site:
    Applicable Fee:  $35 payable to school office (Athletics Dep’t covers remaind of appricable fee)

  3. 7th-8th Grade Boys Basketball:
    This is a St. Mary’s Cyclones team. Practices and home games will be at St. Mary’s, while away games will be at other GRACEAC schools. This team needs a coach! If interested, please email

    Registration Site:
    Applicable Fee: $35 payable to school office (Athletics Dep’t covers remainder of applicable fee)

    Physical Examination: Students must have a physical examination and submit the following form to the school office before participating in practice:

  4. 5th-6th Grade Girls Basketball:
    This is a St. Mary’s Cyclones team coached by Nate Herrygers. Practices and home games will be at St. Mary’s, while away games will be at other lakeshore area schools (Grand Haven Christian, Muskegon Catholic, etc.).  

    Registration: Submit attached permission slip form to school office
    Applicable Fee: $35 payable to school office (Athletics Dep’t covers remainder of applicable fee)

The “Winter II” season begins after Christmas break and will have opportunities for 3rd-4th grade girls and 7th-8th grade girls.

In addition, we hope to offer a series of clinics for our younger students (1st-2nd grade), which is a new program that started last year. Please check the school newsletter for further details as basketball season approaches.

Finally, to have a successful season, we will need volunteers for a number of different roles (coaches, book/score keepers, ticket takers, fundraising, etc.). 
Please email if interested in volunteering in any capacity.

Thank you for your continued support of our St. Mary’s sports. We look forward to seeing your child on the basketball court this season!


Nick Curcio,
Athletic Director
St. Mary’s School

Powered by Our Community
Our sports programs thrive thanks to the dedication of our parent volunteers, the generosity of parents and parishioners, and the support of the Knights of Columbus. 

For further information about our programs, or if you’re interested in coaching or otherwise contributing, please reach out to Athletic Director Nick Curcio at or 616-430-2201.

Together, we’ll continue to cultivate a community where sportsmanship, physical fitness, and Catholic values unite to shape exceptional individuals.

Go Cyclones!