Academic Support

Academic Resource Support/Services

St. Mary School receives the following ancillary services from Spring Lake Public School District:
Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy.

Our students are eligible for these services when they qualify under a Spring Lake Public School-issued Nonpublic Student Special Education Service Plan.
St. Mary staff and the Spring Lake Special Education Department work together in identifying qualifying students. These therapists come to St. Mary School to work with our students.

In addition, St. Mary School’s Resource Room provides students with one-on-one academic support and accommodations.
Contact our Student Support Coordinator if you have further questions.

Mrs. Rhonda Michels
Special Education Teacher and Student Support Coordinator
616-842-1282 ​ext. 219


Within each classroom, our students are introduced to Friendzy, a comprehensive, evidence-based social-emotional character development learning program designed to change school culture. Lessons teach life skills to proactively address aggressive behavior, reduce stress, build healthy relationship skills, and improve focus and academic performance in all students. The lessons learned lead to success in school and life.

For example, throughout October, we’ll engage students in meaningful conversations with their peers to help build vital social-emotional skills needed for healthy relationships, such as listening to others, perspective-taking, and responding with empathy. Friendship matters — We’ll talk about why.