Middle School 5th – 8th

We are a faith community:
Sacramental preparation and service is a daily family experience that is woven into student life.

Our classrooms become families: 

We have a family environment in middle school.
The consistency of our Middle school staff allows students and teachers to know each other on a much more personal level. 
Our Middle students are grounded by the younger students (PK-5) located in the same building. They rise to the occasion when they
are reminded that the younger students look up to them to set an example and to take leadership.

Future Success: We know our graduates THRIVE

Our graduates move on to many area high schools: 

Muskegon Catholic Central, West Catholic, Spring Lake High School, Grand Haven High School, Coopersville High School and more.  

You will find our graduates on Honor Rolls, Homecoming Courts, Sports teams, Student Councils, and in leadership roles.

Mrs. Suchecki has taught at St. Mary’s for 16 years and she has watched many of her former students succeed and grow. So many come back to share their stories of success…years and years after their time spent as students at St. Mary’s. 

Dr. Meg Meeker, MD:

“First, every child grows up in a bubble. The real question for parents is: What kind of bubble do you want your child to grow up in?

…good parents, choose the very best bubble you can find for your kids — and plant them firmly in it…Wise parents understand that the time for children to grapple with differences in lifestyles is when they have the emotional maturity and mental fortitude to deal with them — and to make decisions about how they want to respond to them.”
Learn more about the bubble from Dr. Meg Meeker HERE

Academic Advantages

  • Research demonstrates that the longer students are enrolled within a Catholic school the higher their performance is above the norm. This effect is cumulative and accelerates at the middle school level.
  • Generally, our middle school students have the same content area teachers for four years in a row. Students, teachers, and parents benefit from close relationships that eliminate the typical learning curve that takes place every time you have a new teacher or class.
  • High expectations are maintained throughout our middle school grades by teachers who know the students and families intimately over a four year period.
    • Our eighth graders read “To Kill a Mockingbird” – this book is read in 9th grade at Spring Lake High School.
    • Our eighth grade math curriculum is Algebra.
    • Our Social Studies curriculum is challenging and comprehensive with a focus on viewing current and historical events through the Catholic lens. 
    • Our science lab is full of opportunities for hands-on experimentation – including our brand new robotics spheres.
    • Spanish is taught twice a week to grades 3-7, and THREE times a week to our 8th graders!

4th Grade Reading
score differential:
17 points

8th Grade Reading
score differential:
20 points

4th Grade Math
score differential:
11 points

8th Grade Math
score differential:
15 points

”When I think of the students who transfer from St. Mary’s to Spring Lake Public, I simply don’t see any gaps. Their understanding of the writing rules is spot-on; they don’t skip a beat. Additionally, the students are prepared to jump into important class discussions on the first day because they have the confidence – literary and personal – to do so.”

-Dave Theune, SLPHS English teacher

“We chose St. Mary’s School because it has a reputation of producing exceptional students and leaders.  A friend, who is a teacher at a local public high school, told us he can tell which of his students graduated from St. Mary’s.  He said they are more eloquent, more focused, and usually the top performers in his classes.  We also liked the small class sizes, and attention each child gets from their teachers and classroom aides.  Furthermore, we felt it was very important for our children’s education to include Jesus at the center of all that they are learning.”

– Jennifer Grossman, parent of a current St. Mary’s student and one St Mary’s graduate currently attending MCC.